Friday, July 31, 2009

ARTWORKING is hiring for an artist mentor.


Artworking/WORC inc., is currently seeking an Artist-Mentor to work within its visual art studio program, supporting artists with developmental disabilities. The position is for 20-24 hours per week distributed over roughly 4 days per week.

Job description:
Artist Mentors provide direct support to artists with disabilities, within Artworking’s dedicated studio space as well as in a variety of community-based settings. Artist mentors should have technical competence in a variety of art media, have excellent interpersonal skills and have some experience working with individuals with cognitive disabilities. Artist Mentors will assist with all manner of program and facility maintenance as well as program documentation, web updating, and coordinating professional development for participating artists. WORC’s Artworking program may often overlap with our Supported Self-Employment Program, so experience with small business principles and practices is also desirable. All employees of WORC Inc are needed to provide a variety of community based supports (non-art related) on an as-needed basis, so prospective candidates will need to be comfortable providing intermittent support to individuals outside of the Artworking program as staffing needs require.

All prospective candidates will undergo a criminal background check. While this position is not driving intensive, candidates will need to possess a valid drivers license with and a clean driving record, liability insurance and an automobile.

Prospective Artist Mentors will ideally posses some or all of the skills, experience and personal qualities listed below:
Professional art training and experience and a body of current work, Flexibility of schedule, Calm personality, Openness to learning new skills, Experience working with individuals with cognitive disabilities.

Basic skills in: screen-printing, sculpture, paper mache, acrylic and oil painting, drawing, watercolor, ceramics, woodworking, wood-carving, jewelry, beading, polymer clay, writing skills, digital video production and editing, fabrics and textiles, fashion design, small business management, community connections and networking ability, organizational skills, helpfulness, passion for cleaning, photoshop, illustrator, web design, html, css and php, scientific genius, psychic powers, telekinesis, sense of humor.

About Artworking:
Artworking provides career-oriented support for artists with cognitive disabilities. We serve artists in our own studio workspace as well as in community and private settings such as an artist’s personal studio space or at public events, workshops, sales opportunities etc. We believe that in order for any career pursuit to be successful that it must be enjoyable and rewarding, and careers in the creative arts are no exception to this rule. Additionally we believe that an artist must be in a continual state of creative growth in order to be professionally competitive in the field of visual art. Participating artists may choose to work in our 2,000 square foot studio/workspace or in their own private spaces. Artworking is a part of Work Opportunity in Rural Communities Inc, which has been a 501c.3 non-profit organization since 1985

Artworking’s key features are:
• Professionally oriented art mentorship and training for adult artists with cognitive disabilities.
• Access to professional opportunities for artists with disabilities such as exhibitions, sales opportunities, leadership opportunities and projects based on newly emerging practices and philosophies.
• Documentation of artwork and assistance with professional curriculum.
• Support for artists entering the mainstream art community as trained professionals.
• Guaranteed opportunities for participating artists to exercise control and authority over their environment and support structure.

Please submit the following Materials no later than August 15, 2009:
• Cover letter describing why you are interested in this position and summarizing why you are a good candidate
• Current Resume with all relevant experience
• Hard copy of 10-20 samples of your artwork (slides, color prints or cd/dvd)

All materials should be mailed/delivered to:

c/o Lance Owens
1955 W. Broadway #100
Monona, WI 53713

For more information visit:
or contact:
Lance Owens, Program Director
(608) 442-5294 xt 110

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Artworking now on Facebook. Big fun for all. Come be a fan!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jon Pfeiffer and Phil Porter virtual gallery tours

Come and visit Jon Pfeiffer and Phil Porters show at the Overture Center for the Arts from the comfort of your home. Jon and Phil are now giving personal gallery tours via Youtube.